There are numerous terraces are areas around the house and property where you can sit, relax or eat meals.  

The Boulodrome and it's west-facing terrace has a fabulous view of the Besillon mountain and is great place to enjoy an evening, competetive family game of petanque over an iced glass of rosé or a gin and tonic.  

The walled garden terrace is the perfect seculded place to enjoy a shady breakfast under the vine-covered pergola or to escape the noisy kids at the pool for a quick catch up on emails. 

The main terrace at the front of the house is where all the action happens.  In cooler seasons,  this is wonderful place to sit and have lunch enjoying the wonderful Provencal winter sunshine.  Easter lunch at this table is fabulous. In the hot summer, it becomes a lovely shady spot in the afernoon and great spot for a game of cards or for dinner with the string of lights running along the top of the table. 

The summer kitchen decking is an ideal spot for lager groups with an extra long table which can accomodate up to 16 people (or 20 with smaller chairs) to sit altogether and is the spot to be for BBQ and poolside party.  

The sunny southfacing side of the pool is a great spot to catch a few rays before jumping into the crystaline pool for a cool down. 

There is also the charming courtyard with its fragrant herbs and aromatic plants growing in beds around the cobbles and the smaller potteries terrace where you can sit outside your own bedroom, still in your pyjamas before venturing out to meet the rest of the world.